Delayed flight to Montreal-Trudeau: locked up for five hours in a plane without air conditioning

News 21 July, 2017
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    Hugo Bourgoin

    Friday, 21 July 2017 10:20

    Friday, 21 July 2017 10:20

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    MONTREAL – passengers of the airline Royal Jordanian have lived a true martyrdom, Thursday, at the Montréal-Trudeau airport, learned VAT News.

    Their flight was not only delayed by 18 hours, but the plane in which they were trapped without air conditioning for five hours on the tarmac while the perceived temperature was over 30 degrees Celsius in the metropolis.

    This is particularly the case of Marie-Pierre Charron and her husband Karim Courtemanche, who contacted TVA News to tell of what they have experienced. The couple were to begin Thursday its moon honey on the flight RJ270 to the destination of Amman, Jordan, but nothing happened as expected.

    While the flight state, initially planned to be 10 a.m., Thursday, the young couple arrived at the airport around 7 a.m., boarding was as expected a little after 9 a.m., and the Boeing 787 aircraft has left the gate for take-off. It is at this point that things went downhill.

    Five hours of waiting

    Not only the camera has never left the tarmac due to a mechanical problem, but the passengers remained “hostage” to the edge for nearly five hours, without air conditioning.

    “They opened the aircraft doors to try to let in some air because it was extremely hot. Everyone was using the card security information of the airplane as a “fan” to cool down a little bit,” said Karim Courtemanche.

    It seems that at a certain moment, the passengers could not even use the toilet, because there was no water supply for flushing the toilet or for washing hands.

    During this time, and no meal was served to the passengers, who had to settle for drinks.

    “I was hungry and all I’ve managed to have, it is three bags of peanuts,” said Marie-Pierre Charron, who also criticises the limited information provided by Royal Jordanian.

    “Most of the information were given in Arabic; sometimes translated in English. There was nobody who was waiting for us at the exit of the plane to give us details.”

    “Noise severe” in passengers

    This is only 14 h 15 passengers earned by a “noise severe” were able to return to the airport before you submit to the usual process of customs and then return to a floor above the check-in counter of the airline where no employee was to be found.

    The dozens of customers have joined the queue for long minutes, not knowing what would happen to their volume

    An employee of Royal Jordanian is finally presented to 16: 10, inviting the residents of Montreal to return home and to return to Montréal-Trudeau airport at midnight. Other clients have enjoyed the benefits of a hotel room at the expense of the airline, in addition to a coupon of $ 25 for a meal at the airport.

    It seems that the attendant of the airline would even be impatient to dissatisfied customers who demanded answers.

    This is only after 4 a.m. on Friday morning, with 18 hours of delay, the Boeing 787 took flight to Amman.

    At the time of writing these lines, in the middle of the morning, Royal Jordanian had not responded to our questions.