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News 11 February, 2018
  • Simon-Pier Ouellet

    Saturday, 10 February, 2018 23:53

    Saturday, 10 February, 2018 23:53

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    MANIWAKI | The family and relatives of the young man struck in the head by a bullet of a special constable have pleaded for greater security inside the courthouse, Saturday, in the Outaouais region.

    On the few posters prepared by the thirty-odd demonstrators, one could read : “Justice for Steven “, “Abuse of power” or ” This is not comparable to a baton and a gun “.

    The mother of Steven Bertrand and organizer of the event, Julie Bertrand, lamented Saturday comments little praise to his place since the events of January 31, at the palace of justice of Maniwaki.

    Ms. Bertrand is, however, satisfied with the running of the event in Maniwaki and his goal. “There are more than 50 % of the population behind us. I am not able to remove the image of my son, reached by a bullet. It is in a state of shock. Stop judging the victims. Read mean things in social media, I have no need of that, ” said the woman.

    The young 18 year old man was suffering from a gunshot to the head after a scuffle that degenerated with a special constable of the palace of justice of Maniwaki.

    According to the Bureau of independent investigations, Steven Bertrand would be able to fly the stick telescoping of the employee for him to land blows.

    Viral video

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    The scene captured on video has quickly made the rounds of the country. The young man is miraculously released as the bullet penetrated its nose to stay in his neck, sparing his brain. He still receives care at the hospital of Hull, in Gatineau.

    Ms. Bertrand has made know Saturday that it might file a lawsuit against the special constable.

    Participants gathered Saturday afternoon in front of the courthouse and then walk in the streets of Maniwaki. They went up to the offices of the member of parliament for Gatineau and minister of Justice, Stéphanie Vallée.

    “There are other ways than the gun to control a teenager. I find it unfortunate to see our young people get shot. This is not against the constable, but that the government review the security in our courthouse, ” said a participant, France Guay.

    In memory of Brendan

    Most of the friends of Steven Bertrand were also close friends of Brendan Maurice, a 17-year-old shot by a police officer of the Sûreté du Québec in 2015 near Maniwaki.

    The young man’s mother, Dominique Bernier, was eager to participate in the march.

    “There is no child perfect. Before judging our children which are take, first ask you if you were perfect when you were young. Your children are they, or have they also made mistakes in life ? ” said the lady.

    After the events, the government announced that at least two special constables will be present in all courthouses in Quebec.

    – With TVA Gatineau