Dentist struck off to the podiatrist struck off

News 12 July, 2017
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    OTTAWA | In 2005, Pierre Dupont, dentist practising in Quebec, has been struck off the Order of dentists of Quebec. He became a chiropodist in Ontario and lo and behold, he has just been disbarred by the College of chiropodists of Ontario.

    Pierre Dupont has admitted to have used implants that were not approved by Health Canada on 25 patients, reported the Toronto Star on Tuesday.

    In order to be processed to correct the problem of flat feet, the victims have signed a contract allowing the podiatrist to implant a stent of brand HyProCure, but instead he used stents that he has himself manufactured.

    Dupont saw its licence revoked by the College of chiropodists of Ontario in addition to receiving a fine of $ 30,000. The victims have filed a class action.

    After that his licence had been revoked by the Order of dentists of Quebec, in 2004, he returned to school in 2006 to study in podiatry at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières.

    As he had concealed his past as a dentist, he has been suspended from the program for a period of 24 months. He finally got his diploma in 2010.

    The College of chiropodists of Quebec has issued him a license to practice in June 2011 after that the professions Tribunal was given reason to Pierre Dupont and has ordered that a licence to practise medicine podiatry it is awarded.

    The Order has filed two lawsuits against their newest member to the unlawful, then he had practiced without having his license to practice.

    He finally turned to Ontario, where despite the knowledge of its past, the College of chiropodists of ontario has issued a permit giving him the right to practice.