Deponia available on PlayStation 4

Techno 18 November, 2016

deponia-ps4-playstation-store-8The first part of Deponia is now available on PlayStation 4 console directly via the PlayStation Store!

Enthusiasts or connoisseurs of the PC version of Deponia can be pleased to discover the excellent title Daedalic Entertainment directly on PlayStation 4 console now (see PlayStation Store ), this first part deserves a warm welcome and aims completely remodeled at the controls in this new version where you will discover the central character Rufus, controlled by you, and female players.

Deponia is the beginning of the eponymous trilogy release on PC, Mac and iPad. At the center of the story, Rufus, a young man an eccentric and unusual hair who lives on a small colony on the planet Deponia. This serves to empty junk-rich inhabitants of surrounding planets and waste pile it out of sight. But fate Rufus the omen has great things while he began to dream of a life of Elysium, the floating city that overlooks the surface of the planet.

His fate changes when Goal, a young and mysterious girl falls him (literally) in the arms. Rufus sees it as a unique opportunity to leave his life of misery: he will bring this sleeping beauty in his world, Elysium, where everyone lives in luxury and carefree.

This perfect plan will not be so easy because Rufus happens to be the double of Goal fiance who lives in the world from above … The road to Eldorado is full of pitfalls, of misunderstanding hilarious and strange friendships …

The first title PlayStation 4 and daedalic entertainment console!
completely redesigned controls for the PlayStation 4 levers
A unique adventure in the tradition of Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett or Matt Groening
Hand drawn in a cartoony HD with splendid animation and comics
Atmospheric background music punctuated many cut-scenes.