Derailment: no Via Rail service between Toronto and Montreal on Saturday night

News 3 March, 2018
  • Photo Courtesy Twitter
    Two CN cars carrying paper were knocked down to 13: 20 on the track at east Kingston, blocking the passage of all the trains, including Via Rail.

    QMI agency

    Saturday, 3 march, 2018 19:18

    Saturday, 3 march, 2018 19:18

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    The train journeys provided between Montreal and Toronto and between Ottawa and Toronto have been cancelled, Saturday evening, and will resume only on Sunday due to the derailment of a goods train to Kingston, Ontario.

    According to a spokesperson for CN, which is addressed to the channel CP24, two cars of the railway company carrying the paper had rolled to 13 h 20 on the railroad east of Kingston, blocking the passage of all the trains, including Via Rail.

    “At 16: 30, the owner of the infrastructure was estimated at 6 hours the time needed to solve this situation”, indicated to the QMI Agency, a spokesman for Via, Marie-Anna Murat.

    “VIA Rail has made every effort to accommodate passengers with alternative means of transport, has assured dr. Murat. Buses have been chartered to drive the passengers to their final destination.”

    Some 647 passengers were travelling in trains at the time of the derailment and more than 1,000 are affected by the cancellations, said the spokesman, adding that the service between Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec city is not affected nor is the service between Toronto and London/Windsor/Sarnia (in both directions).