Despite the release of the Watch 2, the director of Huawei skimmed the watches connected!

Techno 12 April, 2017

This is probably the dump of the week. At a Huawei conference, one of the directors of the Chinese giant explained that he did not see the interest of watches connected. And the Huawei Watch 2 in it?
In today’s world, one sentence may hide another. One thought may spoil another. At a Huawei conference before analysts, the director of the Chinese giant revealed that he did not see the interest of watches connected . But the frankness of the boss of Huawei could hurt the Watch 2. Freshly presented, this smartwatch that passed by my wrist throws. Huawei’s watch, the best object connected to the Mobile World Congress 2017 , would probably have preferred to do without the statements of Eric Chu, one of the three co-CEOs of the company.
According to a report by Forbes , Eric Chu was reported to have ” never understood why we should wear watches connected when everything we need is on our phones . ” Totally autonomous since it is equipped with a 4G chip, Watch 2 seems to be muscular enough to support and exceed such statements. In the editorial, it is believed that the co-CEO of Huawei wanted to highlight the unstable and stammering side of the smartwatches market. But failing to have chosen the right words, he forced Watch 2 of his firm to release his muscles. So wait and see …