Detours, full closures or partial road, the headaches of motorists

News 14 July, 2017
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    Friday, 14 July 2017 07:00

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    MONTREAL | motorists are arracheront hair this weekend to circulate on the Island of Montreal if they do not take cognizance of the myriad of impediments to traffic due to construction.

    The Honoré-Mercier bridge will be completely closed to traffic, in both directions, Friday, 23: 59 to Saturday 8 h. While of Sunday, 6 am to 18 pm, a track on two will be opened in the direction of west, either to Kahnawake.

    On Friday, the closure will be done gradually so that the first channel will be removed from 22-h.

    In Montreal, the entries of the streets, Clement and Airlie to route 138 West will be closed from 23: 30.

    In Kahnawake, the on-ramp entrance from Châteauguay will be closed from 22 h, whereas that of route 132-West from The Prairie will be from 23: 59.

    Interchange Saint-Pierre

    In the heat exchanger Saint-Pierre, the ramp from route 138 East, from the Honoré-Mercier bridge) to highway 20 West to the airport will not be available to traffic from Friday 22 p.m. to Monday, 5 h. The diversion will be via the ramp to autoroute 20 East, exit temporarily to the rue Norte-Dame Ouest, avenue St. Peter, Richmond street and highway 20 West.

    Note that the access ramp to hwy 20 west to route 138 West towards the Honoré-Mercier bridge) has a path on both closed at all time until mid-August.

    The ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ) warns motorists that there will be a risk of congestion on the highway 20-Is (from Memory) between the heat exchanger and Saint-Pierre and the output 64 (boulevard Angrinon, rue Saint-Jacques) as one of the three lanes will be accessible to traffic from Friday 23: 30 to Monday, 5 h.

    Turcot Interchange

    For the Turcot interchange, the ramp from highway 15 South (Décarie) to highway 136 heading east will not be accessible to motorists from Friday 23: 59 to Monday, 5 h.

    The junction of the highway 20-Is (from Memory) leading to the 136-Is will also be completely closed to traffic from Friday 23: 59 to Monday, 5 h.

    In both cases, motorists will be invited to continue on autoroute 15 South take exit 57-O to take highway 10 West (Bonaventure and eventually ended up on the autoroute 720 West.

    Highway 25

    It will not be possible to circulate on the highway 25-South between exit 5 (Sherbrooke street) and the entrances of the streets Tellier and Barrels according to a variable schedule which goes as follows : Friday 23: 59 Saturday 7: 30 pm, Saturday, 23 h59 at Sunday 8 pm and Sunday 23: 30 to Monday, 5 h.

    Between Sherbrooke and Hochelaga, two of three lanes will be passable from Saturday 7: 30 to 23: 59 and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 23: 30.

    Highway 25-North will not be spared, as two of three lanes will be closed between the streets of Hochelaga and Sherbrooke Friday 22: 30 Saturday 7: 30 p.m. and Sunday 22 p.m. to Monday, 5 h. Between the two, only one lane will be available for circulation.

    The entrance of the avenue Souligny east to highway 25 North, will be closed Friday 23 p.m. to Monday, 5 h.

    The cars will hang over the highway 25-South, exit 1(Charron Island), make a u-turn to get on highway 25 North.

    Truck drivers must, for their part, take the 3rd exit (rue Notre-Dame, porte de Montréal) on highway 25 South, the rue Notre-Dame, the rue Dickson, the rue Hochelaga, boulevard de l’assomption, the rue Sherbrooke to eventually end up on highway 25 North.


    The Jacques-Cartier bridge is closed to traffic Saturday from 20: 30 to 23: 45 due to the fireworks. The beginning of the closure of the Ville-Marie tunnel exit 4 (de la Montagne street), will begin a 20-h.

    Wellington Street

    Wellington street will be closed between Duke street and Nazareth, Friday 22 p.m. to Monday, 5 h. riders heading west are called upon to make the detour through the streets of Dukes, William, Nazareth and Wellington, while those heading east will take to the streets Peel, Ottawa, Prince and Wellington.