Diplomatic and fashion marathon of Brigitte Macron

Politics 28 May, 2017

Brigitte Macron had barely returned from two days of official travel spent next to her husband, had to engage on Saturday evening with the final of Cup of France to which she assisted from the stands of the Stade de France.

The presidential couple appeared in official rostrum at the moment the Marseillaise sounded. In the stadium of France, Emmanuel Macron and his wife came to attend the French Cup final between Saturday night club Angers and Paris Saint-Germain. While the President of the Republic descends on the lawn to greet the actors of the meeting, a first since Jacques Chirac , Brigitte Macron remains in the podium. Dressed in an elegant black suit, the first lady does not look particularly tired. Yet she returned from her first official trip abroad . A two-day marathon in which she represented France on her husband’s arm.

It all started on Thursday in Brussels with a meeting of Heads of State and Government of NATO member countries . A first for Brigitte Macron who had refused to accompany her husband the previous week, during her meeting in Berlin with Angela Merkel , phobia of the plane prevents. This time, the first lady was able to meet the women of the heads of state gathered at the same time with Emmanuel Macron. Dressed in a top set and black dress signed Louis Vuitton, Brigitte Macron was able to meet Melania Trump for the first time. Together, the two women had the ”

No time to rest. The next day, Brigitte Macron found herself in Italy where she accompanied her husband on the occasion of the G7 summit held in Taormina, Sicily. Separated from Emmanuel Macron during the day, the first lady initially appeared in a white slim complimented by a scarlet color sweater. What to forget for a moment Melania Trump and his jacket to more than 45,000 euros . After an overflight of Vesuvius by helicopter and a lunch with the mayor of the city of Catania, Brigitte Macron finally joined the French president at around 6 pm. The couple then went to the ancient theater of Taormina where were played the tunes of great Italian composers. The opportunity for the first lady to ” To wear a last outfit. Still trusting Louis Vuitton, Brigitte Macron opted for an elegant white suit reminiscent of the dress worn on the day of her husband’s investiture. An outfit supplemented by a pair of black silver pumps. This first official trip abroad was an opportunity to confirm the interest of the foreign press for the French presidential couple and the fascination of certain media for the tastes of dress of the new first lady.