Do you like driving more than you think

Avto 19 March, 2018
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    Marc Lachapelle

    Monday, 19 march, 2018 09:23

    Monday, 19 march, 2018 09:23

    Look at this article

    Let me guess, you are one of those people who say it out loud, and without the slightest hesitation, that a car that is only a device, a machine, which allows them to go from point A to point B. That, and I’ve surely heard a thousand times.

    When it comes time to buy or rent one, either new or used, you read everything you can find on the web about the models that interest you.

    You are looking for of course the rare pearl: a comfortable car, spacious, well-equipped, not ugly, not too expensive, and, as far as possible, perfectly reliable and durable.

    It rides well, but…

    A long time ago, I asked a close friend if she liked her new car, purchased after a shopping spree especially rigorous, pragmatic and serious. His Chevrolet Nova was at that time the Toyota Corolla what was then the Pontiac Vibe with the Toyota Matrix. Copies are technically identical were possibly the most reliable of the long history of these two great american brands.

    Chevrolet Nova


    However, my friend told me that she liked his Nova, but it was not so much fun or enjoyable to drive. This notion has never been part of its purchasing criteria, and its absence is, however, the first thing that she noticed!

    The design of an automobile is incredibly complex, which is based on the knowledge of an army of engineers, trained in the secrets of the specialties of the most diverse. A question of pure science, finally.

    Its refinement, however, is often subjective where the best know how to transform the feelings of the most thin changes often minimal, of the order of a millimeter, which are, however, all the difference. Especially when it is a question of behaviour on the road. This time, it is an art and all of the manufacturers do not control it with a joy equal.

    The most beautiful of the matter is that there is a strong chance that this car, this small SUV or van that you take pleasure in driving is likely also safer for you, over time. So also for your family, your passengers, friends, colleagues, or others.

    Fun and safety

    I am speaking here of active safety. The one that allows to prevent and avoid any collision, any accident. That includes visibility, ergonomics, driving position, road holding, agility, stability, and good anti-lock brakes. Add beacons powerful and accurate, for driving at night, in addition to a stability control system and a few driving aids, well-designed, adapted and adjusted.



    Because in the area of passive safety, the mission of which is to reduce the effects of a collision, it is already quite well served with crumple zones in front and behind, of the beams of reinforcement in the doors, and the dozen, if not dozens of bags that can be found in almost all new cars.

    I add, without hesitation, to the recipe of active safety the foregoing, the pleasure that one tastes, sometimes without even realizing it, to drive a vehicle that you know and appreciate the sensations and reactions. A car, an SUV, a van, a pickup truck the same way, that inspires us, full of confidence, regardless of the status of the road or the conditions.

    I have no figures, no statistics, no data to offer you to prove what I advance here. For the good and simple reason that there are no accidents that can be prevented or avoided.

    The truth in the rolling

    Then, please, the next time you are looking for a new car, add this thing mysterious that is the pleasure of driving to your list of criteria.

    I wish you to discover it and to feel it, during a road test long enough, on a course sufficiently varied, in this sparkling model you’re interested in devilishly by its equipment, its comfort, its color, its wonderful reputation for reliability and its unbeatable price.

    The weeks, the months and the years that follow could only be more enjoyable. Safer also according to me, once again.

    Who knows, the automotive journalists are perhaps more useful than they think themselves when they pâment for precise steering and sensitive handling, well-balanced and this concept if perfectly subjective that is the age-old “driving pleasure”.