Donald Trump accuses Barack Obama of tapping his phones

Politics 5 March, 2017

The US president accused his predecessor on Twitter of ” placing his phone on wire ” during the US presidential campaign. A charge without proof.

Among the dozens of tweets intended to shock or ” electrochoice” public opinion, the one posted by Donald Trump this Saturday, March 4 in the early afternoon is certainly of all, the quickest to trigger a true deflagration in the United States .

” President Obama has fallen low enough to tune my phones during a period of sacred elections. It’s Nixon / Watergate. An evil (or sick) person! ” , Has just denounced the businessman peroxidized with the virulence that is known to him.

A very serious charge launched without proof but with the assurance that he is known. Donald Trump also threatened Barack Obama to sue him, saying that the tapping would have taken place last October, one month before the election. ” Is it legal for a president-in-office to spy on his competitors before an election? This has already been banned by the courts. It’s a low blow! ”

And to continue in another devastating tweet: ” It’s McCarthyism ” , in reference to the tracking of communist militants and sympathizers in the United States in the 1950s. Charges published on Twitter but sent from his property in Mar-a -Lago Florida where the 45 th President of the United) STATES pass, once again the weekend.

This salvo on Twitter comes at a time when his administration is shaken by recent revelations about contacts between the entourage of Donald Trump and Russian officials during the presidential campaign and between his election on November 8 and his taking office on January 20. The press revealed this week that the Russian ambassador to the United States, Sergei Kisliak, had met before and after the election several councilors or relatives of the republican president.

In the wake of these accusations, Donald Trump also took the opportunity to send a new pike, still on Twitter, to Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former governor of California who yesterday announced to leave the animation of the reality show ” The New Celebrity Apprentice ” on the grounds that the new US president has sealed the hearings because of his involvement in the production of the program. ” Arnold Schwarzenegger did not voluntarily leave The Apprentice, he excluded himself because of his pathetic results and not because of me. Sad end to great show! “Commented the tenant of the White House.