Dragon Ball Super: Episode 73, Gohan as hero, the synopsis unveiled!

Cinema 23 December, 2016

We all wait for the episode 72 of Dragon Ball Super, but now the next one is revealed with its synopsis. And there’s Gohan!
Christmas parties are approaching and almost every series is paused. But not DBS! Okay, there will not be an episode on January 1, 2017, it’s the New Year for everyone. But the episode 72 of Dragon Ball Super wherein Beerus will match up against Hit , they will show Sunday 25 December, Christmas Day! After the event of the last episode, one expects something rather nice level baston. The next release will be on January 8, and we discover new episodes nonstandard preparing for the arrival of the highly anticipated The arc of a small universe Survival months later, on February 5 . While waiting for the Weekly Shonen Jump we delight in unveiling the synopsis of the episode 73 of DBS of which Gohan will be the hero!
This episode is entitled “Gohan made an appearance in a movie!” and for summary: !!! “Evil can not be forgiven The justice Great Saiyaman appears he and Mr. Satan will have their dream fight in a movie The Great Saiyaman will be played by an actor named Barry Kaan but Gohan volunteered And while he is escorting the criminal Watagasshu, Jaco stops at a Ramen booth in space. The criminal takes advantage of it and escapes ! ” We are expecting something rather cool, with two very popular characters that are Gohan and Jaco. Goku’s son is also part of the universe team 7 for inter-universe tournament, but we wonder who will be the comabattants other universes in the new arc of Super Dragon Ball.