End of roaming charges in the EU: What does it really mean for us?

Techno 14 June, 2017

As of Thursday 15th June, calling, sending an SMS / MMS from an EU member country will return you at the same price as if you are France. The details.
Thursday, June 15 will be in the history of telecommunications in Europe. After several years of negotiations, the verdict has fallen: calls, SMS and MMS will no longer be overtaxed within the European Union and the United Kingdom . In fact, making a call from a country in the European Union since, sending a text message or even an MMS or surfing the Internet from your smartphone will cost the same price as if you were in France . But beware, this does not mean that calls from France to a European country are free. And meltyStyle tells you more now.
If, for example, you are on holiday in Portugal and want to have news from your friends in Paris, the communication will be free. But if you are in France and want to talk to your darling who is in London, the call will be overcharged as in the old! As for the Internet connection, we can surf in an expensive or even free way. Everything will depend on our type of package, and we will come back soon with more details. And as Free has increased its internet volume in roaming , we can expect new offers from even cooler operators.