Facebook and 8 media tackle fake news in France

Techno 6 February, 2017

The war on false information is declared! After announcing the deployment of an anti-fake news tool in Germany, it is in France that Facebook decides to invite itself.
Three weeks after the announcement of Facebook saying test a tool “anti-fake news” , we see how this will take shape in France! On January 15th, the social network announced that it intends to deploy the first measures related to this “anti-fake news” tool in Germany this year, at a time when the country will have to face an election period. Clearly, Facebook wants to avoid being associated with the election results, as has been the case at the time of Donald Trump’s election as the new president of the United States . The American giant will therefore work with independent organizations that meet the fact-checking codes of the Poynter Institute of Journalism. Organizations will report to Facebook if any news is true or if it is totally false, resulting in sanctions, if any. Sanctions that will not go to the censorship (contrary to what happened to a work of art deemed “too bare” for Facebook) , but appear more or less clearly that the information shared n ‘ Is not completely reliable. Well, let’s say it now, we know what this tool will look like in France.
As has just been unveiled, Facebook joins 8 national media: AFP, Le Monde, France Médias Monde (RFI, France 24), L’Express, Libération, 20 Minutes, BFM-TV and USAinformations fight Against false information disseminated online. “Once the system is deployed, a new feature will allow users to report information that they believe is false. The link is compiled into a portal that has access to all of these media: if two of them recognize it as false after verification, the visible link on Facebook appears as challenged and any attempt to share is accompanied by a warning about it, ” says the site Numerama , which relays the announcement. The 8 media and Facebook launch today in a two-month experiment with an assessment that should then say whether the adventure continues or not.