Facebook: Fewer short videos and live shows?

Techno 31 January, 2017

There is a change in the presentation of Facebook videos: less live, more long videos, we make the point!
In 2017, the social network of Mark Zuckerberg switches to action mode! On the one hand, the company put on the safety and reliability, as shown by the fact that Facebook is testing a “news anti-fake” tool or the fact that Facebook is launching a special USB key to connect safely to social network. On the other side, Facebook intends to further improve the experience of its users on its platform. In this regard, while video is now its main tool, the firm plans to change a little operation : as revealed by the site Clubic , “the firm’s Menlo Park wants long videos are more highlighted, and for that, it just changed the rules governing the prioritization of different videos ” . Concretely, what will this change for you? Answer right now!
After understanding that long videos were penalized by the manner of calculating the “popularity score” video, which was based on the average percentage viewed, Facebook just changed its rules, integrating now a factor in several minutes of video , So that they appear more easily in the timeline …. provided to show other signs of popularity (full screen, sound). The idea here is to give more chance to be seen at ALL content, whether short or long. At the same time, Facebook announced that its live video, its great strength in recent months, would now be less emphasized. No further details or explanations were given. What do you think of these novelties?