Facebook launches a special USB key for secure connection

Techno 30 January, 2017

Are you suspicious about Facebook? The social network today intends to help you feel safe when you connect: all this through a USB key.
The editorial Air of melty you spoke just a few days, even if you’re the type freaked at the idea that everything you tell on Facebook can be used against you, it is useless to post a message like “hereby, I forbid to Facebook blah” . In the eyes of the law, it simply does not serve anything. No panic however, officially, everything you post on the social network belongs to you. The conditions of use specify that “the content and information you post on Facebook belong to you, and you can control how [the network] shared [e] your content through the privacy settings and applications” , as reports the website Frandroid . But if you still stay alert, you can now relax a bit: Facebook, which censors everything and anything , has unveiled a new tool to increase the level of security when you connect to your Facebook account. What if you use a USB flash drive?
This is not a joke: while the social network already offers authenticate by two factors, namely the classical password and sending a code by SMS on a smartphone, Facebook has announced that it will soon be possible to connect using a USB stick to the standard Universal 2nd Factor, USB U2F . Do not you understand? In fact, the principle of this key is simple enough: “the USB U2F has a code associated with the Facebook account and, when the network connection, the key and the code wondered if it corresponds access. account is granted. Facebook uses this system as it avoids attacks the principle of slipping between the network connection and the computer security since this is physical, ” says the website Digital Age . So, ready to test?