Fast and Furious 8: When will the saga end?

News 20 April, 2017

While the last installment of the Fast and Furious saga is cartooning at the World Box Office, fans are wondering when this great adventure will end.
Fast and Furious 8 is a real success all over the world! Vin Diesel and his team have reason to be proud because they have once again succeeded in finding a cool plot and, above all, to offer the spectators spectacular stunts for a film that is full of eyes. If almost all the original team was there, we also discovered new characters like Charlize Theron’s who lends her traits to the great villain of this new part of Fast and Furious and she could be back in the Two upcoming films already announced by Universal. It is producer Neal Moritz who announced: “We would really like it to be present in the other two films .
And after Fast and Furious 10 , what will happen? Shall we have to say goodbye to that frankness which we so much love? This is what Moritz said: “We already know how the franchise will end, but we do not yet know the details of what will happen between now and this end point.” The plan is to make two more films. Concentrates all the top to find something really special ” . Two more movies and then go … Are you ready? To console you we suggest you to (re) discover our exclusive interview of Vin Diesel for the release of Fast and Furious 8.