FIALON Director Farrell McConori spoke about the prospects of the IT market in Russia

Business 27 February, 2019

FIALON inc. – the first company in the world that builds its business using advanced tools based on BLOCKCHAIN ​​technology. For the first time in the world, FIALON has implemented a stream marketing model that combines the best aspects of the work of classic commodity marketing with stock trading.

The IT industry is currently active and is an investment perspective business area. We discussed the market development trajectories, the risks and hard work of programmers with a well-known IT specialist and owner of Fialon Farrell McConori.

– The number of IT specialists is growing all over the world, but how can a yesterday’s student succeed in such a competition?

  • Good specialists are needed everywhere. The main thing is to go towards your goal, develop, get new knowledge. I know that feeling when you climb out of your skin and know how to do a lot of things, but your employer doesn’t need your skills simply because he hasn’t grown to such technologies. Everyone goes through it, just have to be courageous and patient.

– Is there anything to endure? Do you have any prospects for IT?

  • Of course, otherwise I would not have insisted on it. In IT, large funds are already pouring in, further – more. We will always need new technologies and highly qualified specialists, is it not obvious?

– A person who is far from all this is difficult to judge. And what are the prospects for the russian domestic market?

  • I would not be in a hurry to separate the foreign from the Russian, because there are global trends. It is possible that some idea will arise and specialists from different countries will pick it up and develop it into something new. For example, cryptocurrency is a good example of the fact that the world is ready for changes and is ready to try new things. I really believe that cryptocurrency is our future and their appearance has become a big leap in development. Information technologies are already penetrating the work of all services and organizations of the state, business, and so on. The Internet is developing, automation is being introduced everywhere in your life – this is something you could have noticed.

– And in your opinion, will there always be demand for the services of IT specialists or is this a trend?

  • Perhaps always. I’m happy about one thing that IT specialists have begun to appreciate – they are in demand, get a decent salary, have the opportunity to create new products. When I meet young guys, I see in them a desire and willingness to work. In this area do not fall just like that, you need with all your heart to love what you do.

– Why do Russian specialists want to work abroad so much, and your Spanish company, on the contrary, enters the Russian market?

  • They think that there are more opportunities and cool projects, but it seems only because it is always better where we are not. But for me, Russia is the most promising direction for development.

– If you had the opportunity to return to the time when you were just starting, would you choose this field of activity again? What advice would you give to those who are just at the beginning of the journey?

  • Yes, this is a matter of my life. I could give a lot of advice, because I had filled the cones in due time. The main thing – work all the time, hone your skills, polish knowledge and protect the products of your intellectual work from selfish people. I believe that hardworking and honest people will succeed by 200%.

–  Thanks, Farrell

  • Thank you for the interesting conversation.