First BeatsX, the wireless headphones equipped with the W1 chip from Apple!

Techno 10 February, 2017

This is the big day. The new BeatsX, equipped with the Apple W1 chip found in AirPods, are available. We had the opportunity to take them in hand and here are our impressions.
They are there ! Expected for many months, the BeatsX (or Beats X eh) have just appeared on the shelves. Equipped with the Apple W1 chip that is also found in AirPods, PowerBeats3 Wireless and Solo3 Wireless, these small in-ear Bluetooth have easy pairing with the iPhone. Aesthetically, Apple and its subsidiary Beats have not invented hot water this time since the BeatsX remind us of the famous LG Tone. But the resemblances stop there! The headphones are connected by a Flex-Form cable that can be shaped as you please , which is impossible with an LG headset. And stuff of egg, this special cable is, in turn, equipped with 2 weights to keep the headphones close to your neck while you jump everywhere.
And once you want to remove your BeatsX, they will hang down your neck. The two headphones can squarely stick to form a kind of chain thanks to the magnets that equip them . It’s really cool and very practical. Very light, the BeatsX are easily forgotten and can accompany you oklm during your day. As for the pairing, it is done in a very simple way: just press the Bluetooth button of the headphones to start the process. As soon as the BeatsX panel appears on your iPhone screen, and it’s fast enough, just touch Connect and wait a few seconds. Exit the galley of pairing in Bluetooth that planted once in two! Best of all, the BeatsX are also compatible with Android, just like the AirPods I tested with an Honor 8.
Music playback from the iPhone is no problem, according to my first tests on the Apple Music with pieces of PNL and Damso. And like the AirPods, the BeatsX are equipped with a microphone and react very well with Siri . Otherwise, we also find a remote control on the Flex-Form cable to control what you listen to but good, it has already seen in other manufacturers although (it must be admitted) is very practical. This first rapid take-over is promising. We will return to the details of how the BeatsX works with a Mac an iPad and an Apple Watch in our test, as well as the other aspects of these in-ear, which are available today!