Five Security Tips to Consider for Your Newly Opened Retail Store

Business 15 May, 2019

Congratulations on successfully opening a new shop! With the recent economy, starting a business is twice, if not more, as challenging as it was decades ago. It’s only natural that you would want to be extra careful and involved in every aspect of your business, from operations to sales.

But one part you should make your priority is securing your shop’s premises. A new business is more vulnerable to criminal attacks, which is why you should consider taking these measures to ensure security.

Carry Out a Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is necessary to identify the loopholes of your building’s security, including possible entry points for burglars, weak door sets, and CCTV blind spots, among others. Through risk assessment, you will also know how the surroundings affect the safety and security of your business.

A security expert can give you suggestions and create a proper security plan on how to prevent robbery, vandalism, information communication technology breaches, and violence in the workplace. The building manager and staff, who are more familiar with the establishment and area, may also have valuable insights on how to secure your shop.

Guard the Perimeter

Protecting your business from intruders should begin from the outside. Adding security measures around the perimeter of your building will deter criminals from targeting your business. Secure your entrance by installing a fence around the property. If your shop is in a commercial building, use a collapsible steel door or a rolling steel sheet door to make your front entrance inaccessible to thieves.

Criminals prefer to lurk in the dark and remain unseen. Eliminating dark spots or corners in the perimeter may discourage evil-doers from targeting your store. Motion-sensor lights may work better in spooking criminals and stopping them from going through with their nefarious plans.

Don’t hesitate to advertise your stringent security through decals or signages. These can also work as a warning for anyone with bad intentions.

Secure Entry Points

Contrary to popular belief, most intruders use the front door to enter homes and establishments. Using force is the number one method they use to gain entry. And that is why you should not rely on a single door lock for security.

Reinforce entrances by using quality door sets. The weakest part of a door is usually the door frame, but installing and using a sturdy metal strike plate can easily strengthen that part. It won’t do anything, though, if your door is made from flimsy hollow plywood. A robust and solid door is crucial to resist forced entry.

If you own a decent lockpick set and know how to use it, then you’re aware how flimsy the security a door lock offers. Aside from getting sturdy, durable doors sets and doors, you should add alarms in nearby entry points. Alarms can ward off criminals or stop them in the act.

Install Surveillance Cameras Inside and Out

Other than alarms and outdoor lights, surveillance or CCTV cameras are also effective at deterring criminals. Some criminals may be immune to the danger of being caught on a CCTV camera, but many of them would not take the risk.

Moreover, installing a twenty-four-hour surveillance system in your business establishment lets you monitor what’s happening inside and outside your building. If an incident occurs, you can use the CCTV footage as evidence when you report it to the police.

Train Your People

During business hours, your employees are the best people who can spot suspicious behavior and things, and they are your first responders if something happens. But detecting suspicious people and items and handling emergencies are not skills that many people automatically possess. People capable of handling these situations were either trained for such things or taught by experience to be watchful and ready all the time.

That said, invest in training your employees on safety and security procedures and policies so they are equipped to deal with emergencies. Employees should be fully aware of the role they play in maintaining their own safety and the business’s security.

Over time, knowledge and skills will dull, especially when they are not practiced, so conduct refresher training sessions yearly or more often. With the current available videoconferencing technology, you can have these sessions conveniently even with remote employees.

Final Word

You can never be too careful when it comes to security, whether in your home or your business. If a company can’t protect itself, how can customers expect it to protect them? You can only gain the trust of your customers by proving that your business is a reliable and credible establishment. And that begins with ensuring security.