For the boss of Volkswagen, the diesel is not dead

Avto 13 March, 2018
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    Tuesday, 13 march, 2018 09:49

    Tuesday, 13 march, 2018 09:49

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    The boss of Volkswagen, Mathias Müller, announced Tuesday an investment of more than$ 30 billion in electric, said that he was convinced of a “renaissance” of the diesel as it is compatible with “cohabitation” of these technologies of the past and of the future.


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    “Not only do I hope that the diesel is not dead, but I am convinced that it is experiencing a renaissance,” he assured in Berlin, on the occasion of the annual press conference of his group.

    “We will create the technical conditions to allow coexistence of the devices that conduct the existing and those in power,” says Mr. Müller.

    Volkswagen announced Tuesday that it was having passed among its partners in Europe and China for some $ 30 billion CAD of orders for necessary components to its comprehensive plan of electrification of its vehicles.

    the group with 12 brands (Audi, Porsche, Skoda, etc) aims for 2030, commercialization of each of its models in the electric version, and plans to invest in the next five years some $ 44 billion in research and development of the car of tomorrow, electrical or stand-alone.

    In the meantime, the market of diesel, in the midst of a crisis of confidence has already plunged in Germany to 7% in 2017. On the other hand, the motors of this type being the oldest, and most polluting, are threatened to be banned in some city centres of this country and the polluting emissions of diesel engines are scrutinised closely by the european legislators.

    The scandal at Volkswagen



    Its long-term strategy, the “roadmap E”, will not be disturbed in the immediate future by the new customs barriers u.s. steel and aluminium, also provides for the German manufacturer.

    The threat was taken “very seriously” by Volkswagen, often to the viewfinder of the u.s. president Donald Trump, recognized his chief financial officer Frank Witter. But the impact of protectionist measures in the u.s., in the state, will be “negligible” for the group, ” he says.

    “It is very important to maintain the dialogue and prevent the escalation, which, I believe, will leave everyone a loser,” added the head of Volkswagen, alluding to fears that the next round of protectionist measures coming from the White House.