Ford F-150 : the question to 100 piasters

Avto 24 January, 2018
  • Germain Goyer

    Wednesday, 24 January 2018 07:30

    Wednesday, 24 January 2018 07:30

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    In any good party family, two questions raise inevitably the passions : “Is it that Canadians will make the playoffs this year ?” and ” What is the best pick-up between the Ram 1500, the Ford F-150 and the Chevy Silverado “.

    For the first question, it is not bad to some to have the answer, for this year at least. For the second, the debate is far from closed.

    For a week, we drove the Ford F-150 2018, history to learn a little more.

    Ford F-150 Platinum 2018

    Germain Goyer

    A V8, it drinks !

    At the end of our test drive, the onboard computer showed an average fuel consumption of 21.8 L/100 km over the course of 355 miles, driven mostly in urban areas.

    In its catalog, Ford announced a fuel consumption of 15.1 L/100 km city and 11 L/100 km on the highway. On the side of the competitors, it is similar. Note that the Chevy Silverado (V8 5.3 L, four wheel-drive and transmission to six reports) consumes 15 L/100 km city and 10.7 L/100 km on the highway. As to the Ram 1500 (V8-5.7 L, four wheel drive and automatic transmission eight reports), it consumes 15,7 L/100 km in the city and 11.0 L/100 km on the highway.

    It is imperative to take note that as soon as the V8 is sought, whether for the pleasure of accelerating quickly, or to carry a significant load, the consumption jumps up dramatically. And this is valid for all trucks in this segment. To stay under the bar 20 L/100 km, it will be necessary to lead as a pastor !

    Ford F-150 Platinum 2018

    Germain Goyer

    But it draws, too !

    A V8, it consumes a lot. Fortunately, it takes a lot, too. In this chapter, it is the Chevrolet Silverado which dominates its american competitors with a towing capacity that rises up to 5670 kg. Close behind follows the Ford F-150 and the 5533 kilograms, can pull. In the last row, we find the Ram 1500, which can take up to 4826 kilograms.

    Ford F-150 Platinum 2018

    Germain Goyer

    A price that makes fear

    The version tried, Platinum, is one of the most affluent of the range of the F-150. With a few equipment added in the option (panoramic roof, adaptive cruise control, technology package), the invoice goes fast ! In our case, it has climbed up to a little over $ 80,000. This is huge. Can you imagine the profit margin of Ford on such a vehicle !

    On the other hand, I’d be much less hesitant to spit out a sum as colossal for a Super Duty can tow 9525 kg and that is a real workhorse. I would feel I have much more for my money. Because we will say, a power liftgate, chrome-plated like the one in the test, it is all but relevant.

    Of course, I grant you, for many buyers of this type of vehicle, the truck is also the second office. They use it quite often to pull a trailer or to transport construction materials in the cargo box. We can therefore understand that since they spend many hours in a week, it is normal that they buy a truck well-equipped and that they like it.

    Ford F-150 Platinum 2018

    Germain Goyer

    The least expensive of the three anyway

    Even if the version tested was too expensive, the F-150 displays all the same the base price of the lesser of the three : 30 649 $. It is necessary to minimally pay 32 470 $ for the Ram 1500 and 33 040 $ for the Silverado.

    Ford F-150 Platinum 2018

    Germain Goyer

    4X4 system without reproach

    Put to the test in the month of January, the F-150 has had the opportunity to show us what he had in the belly. I have been very impressed with its 4X4 system which is not swayed by any bench of snow. If needed, you can use the vehicle-mode propulsion only, and even to lock the differential.

    Ford F-150 Platinum 2018

    Germain Goyer


    Posting an invoice salt that exceeds $ 80,000, the F-150 tried to be worth more than 2.5 times the starting price of the entry-level model, the XL, which is 30 649 $. With 80 000 $ in the pocket, my choice would be simple : an F-150 to 40 000 $ for the week and a Mustang of the same price for the weekends.

    Is it that we can say of these three pick-up truck that is white cap, white beanie ? It may not be. This would be exaggerated a bit. But one thing is certain, they each have their qualities and their defects. As these pick-ups are often used as work tools, just make sure to choose the one that best corresponds to his own needs.

    Technical data sheet
    Name : Ford F150 Platinum 2018
    Base price : 30 649 $
    Price of the model to the test : 80 049 $
    Configuration : four-wheel drive Vehicle with engine at the front
    Mechanical : V8 Engine of 5.0 liters
    Power/torque : 395 hp/410 lb-ft
    Transmission : Automatic ten reports
    Fuel consumption announced : 15.1 L/100 km (city) 11,0 L/100 km (highway)
    Warranty basic : 3 years/60 000 km
    Competition : Chevrolet Silverado, Ram 1500, GMC Sierra, Toyota Tundra, Nissan Titan XD

    Rating (out of 10)
    Gas mileage : 5
    Equipment : 8
    Price : 6
    Style : 7
    Comfort (front) : 9
    Comfort (rear) : 7
    Road holding : 7
    Performance : 8
    Storage space : 8
    Overall rating : 7

    Automatic Transmission astonishment efficient
    Gear full done the job well
    Base price attractive

    Exorbitant price when equipped
    Questioning of the good ageing of any technology it is equipped with
    High consumption of the V8