Ford Skyliner 1957: the opulence of american in Quebec

Avto 30 March, 2018
  • Frédéric Mercier

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    There isn’t tons, of Ford Skyliner. In fact, her name tells you probably nothing.

    Built for just three years, from 1957 to 1959, this convertible vehicle to open the electric roof has been built at least 50 000 units. No need to tell you that this is a model prized by collectors.

    This is the case of Robert Camerlain, a amateur quebec vintage car which has had a huge blow of heart for this car american epic proportions. “I was looking for a model 1957, and I wanted it to be blue,” he says. Already there, the criteria limited the research.

    Except that with a little patience, anything is possible…

    Ford Skyliner 1957

    Old cars of Granby


    A car as it does more

    American cars full-size two doors, you will not find in dealerships today. Even less in a convertible.

    In 50 years, however, the automotive world was very different. Well-founded or not, this beautiful madness has pushed Ford to design the Skyliner, officially christened the Fairlane 500 Skyliner in 1957 and 1958, and then Galaxie Skyliner 1959.

    Second production vehicle in History to offer a solid roof and retractable at the push of a single button, the Skyliner extending over more than 5 metres.

    Its design has made a lot of good publicity at the time, but sales have not followed. The price of the vehicle was high, and its trunk could not have almost anything to accommodate once the roof retracted.

    After just three years, Ford is throwing in the towel. Fortunately, some maniacs have taken good care of to keep some copies, to the delight of collectors, such as Robert Camerlain.

    Ford Skyliner 1957

    Old cars of Granby


    The rare pearl

    It is in the magazine, Hemmings, specializing in classic cars, that M. Camerlain eventually find the model that met its expectations. It was in 2011. Only problem, the vehicle was to Chicago, well away from the house.

    “I called the seller anyway, but he told me that there was already someone interested,” he recalls. Except that a few weeks later, the collector from quebec is back on a new ad of the same vehicle. The first buyer had finally decided to turn to something else, leaving the way clear for the acquisition of the Skyliner blue coveted.

    Except that before you buy a car like that, let’s say that a small inspection is essential. Armed with a Hummer and a trailer, Robert Camerlain took the road to Chicago to see the Skyliner in his own eyes.

    “I told the salesman that if the car was in the condition he described, it was a deal.” Arriving on the spot, the stroke of the heart is proven based; the Skyliner was immaculate.

    Under its bonnet, an eight-cylinder engine of 312 cubic inches takes place and develops an output of 245 horsepower. At least, it is that announced by the manufacturer at the time! This mechanism was also offered with the iconic Ford Thunderbird. In 1957, he was the most powerful engine in the catalogue of the Skyliner.

    Ford Skyliner 1957

    Old cars of Granby


    After you have signed the agreement with the seller, Robert Camerlain has abandoned the idea of towing the car to Quebec, and was instead brought in by truck. Seven years later, it remains in his garage, surrounded by other cars of the collection of M. Camerlain, a Thunderbird of the same year.

    And the least we can say is that the Skyliner was not a car problem since his immigration to canada. Not really. “Since 2011, I think that I have not even put 500$ on this car-there”, exclaims the owner.

    Must say that it does not come out too often either, his big american car. But when the sun’s out, nothing beats a ride aboard a classic like that. The roof down, of course.