France: death of a pedestrian hit by a vehicle in Marseille

News 21 August, 2017
  • AFP


    Monday, 21 aug 2017 06:01

    Monday, 21 aug 2017 06:01

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    MARSEILLE | A pick-up truck went on two bus shelters on Monday in Marseille (south of France), leading to one death and one was wounded before the driver is distracted, an act that would not be a terrorist according to the public prosecutor, who is moving to a track that is “psychiatric”.

    In a country traumatized by a series of bloody attacks by jihadist who has been 239 deaths since 2015 and a few days after two attacks in the vehicle-aries in Spain, claimed by the group islamic State, French authorities were quick to tell us that the track terrorist was for the time averted.

    “There is no element in the state to qualify this act of terrorist act”, said AFP the prosecutor of the Republic of Marseille Xavier Tarabeux, for that the investigation “is moving instead to a track that is psychiatric”. The alleged perpetrator had on him, “a mail link with a psychiatric clinic,” he said.

    The arrested man, born in the centre-east of France in 1982, would be “adversely known to police services”, including for car theft, according to police.

    A panel van the Renault Master has dark on a first bus stop in the 13th arrondissement (north-east of Marseille, seriously injuring a pedestrian who has been hospitalized for a broken pelvis, according to the public prosecutor.

    And then the same vehicle crashed into another bus shelter in the 11th district of paris nearby, killing a woman who waited patiently only.

    The vehicle in question a few minutes later was detained by the police on the Old Port, in the heart of this great city of the mediterranean coast, and the driver called to him to halt. The van was stolen, according to the public prosecutor.

    Around the bus shelter where the woman was fatally mowed, broken glass littering the floor, not far from a fast-food establishment where works of Nicolas Negre, 32, was unloading goods at the time of the shock to ten meters away from him. “I heard a big bang, I thought it was an accident benin, but after I saw the truck that had the right side down starting at the bottom, its tires crissaient”.

    “It only lasted a few seconds” before the truck leaves “so quickly that he would have all bashed in front of him”.

    Shortly before noon, the body of the victim has been transported to the ambulance of the fire department to a vehicle of a funeral director.

    “It’s scary”

    The area of the Old Port has been completely cordoned off. A hundred police officers, firefighters and military personnel were mobilized.

    Onlookers and local residents have the closed face. Peter Magliozzi 24 years, said to have assisted in the arrest of the suspect. “I was doing some maintenance work on my boat when I heard a man yell: “get Out of the vehicle !” I raised my head and I saw a plainclothes policeman with a very big weapon”.

    “There have been two or three minutes of floating, he continues, and the man exited the vehicle, he struggled. It was pretty tough ( … ), and looked aggressive. He was not armed”.

    “I am still under the shock of Barcelona. It is difficult to see it and say that it can arrive at the place where one lives”, said to AFP the trembling voice Armando Dos Santos, a resident of the district.

    This incident in Marseilles occurs in a context of high terror threat in Europe, four days after two attacks in the vehicle-aries on the Catalan coast, Barcelona and Cambrils, which have made 15 people dead and more than 120 wounded on Thursday and Friday last.

    This type of attack is multiplied in Europe since the bloody attack of the Nice (south of France), perpetrated at the wheel of a truck, which had been 86 deaths on July 14, 2016.

    In France, six military personnel have recently been injured in early August in the paris region, deliberately knocked down by a car. The driver is deemed to have an Algerian 36-year-old – injured during his arrest, has not yet been able to be questioned on his motives.

    Most of these attacks have been inspired by, or claimed by the AES, but some of them seem to have been motivated by gestures of madness.