France insulted by a cheese here

News 18 March, 2018
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    The cheese quebec Extra, taste of hazelnuts and mushrooms, has been elected as the best camembert in the world at the World Championship Cheese Contest.

    Catherine Montambeault

    Sunday, 18 march, 2018 21:00

    Sunday, 18 march, 2018 21:00

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    “A setback for the country of cheese “, ” almost a provocation “, ” the French deposed “. Since a pie chart in quebec has been crowned best in the world Friday, the French media digest poorly this victory and recover even question its validity.

    “This is not the camembert, this cheese is industrial, which has put the word pie “, has launched the food critic for French Périco Légasse on the LCI.

    Camembert Extra, produced in Saint-Hyacinthe by the Agropur cooperative, which has established itself in the face of 17 other competing products at the World Championship Cheese Contest, held last week in Wisconsin, in the United States. This global competition is presented as the most important in the genre.

    Born in Normandy

    The cheese in quebec has thus surpassed the Isigny, camembert deemed of Normandy, considered as the reference in the field.

    Since then, the French seem to poorly explain how this product typically home could be dethroned by ” a congener of the Beautiful Province “.

    “[The Extra] was not made by our cousins, the Gauls, but also across the Atlantic, on land that is known for their poutine and maple syrup, was surprised that the Paris Match.

    True camembert ?

    This seems to be the most annoy the inhabitants of the Hexagon, it is that The Extra has been developed with pasteurized milk, not raw as is the tradition.

    It is not moulded with the ladle.

    However, the pie is now a common name and cannot be the object of a specific name national, recalled France Info.

    “Any ripened cheese semi-soft cheese and a bloomy rind made anywhere in the world can be labeled “camembert”, ” according to the public radio information.