Fraud against immigrants: three other people arrested

News 11 February, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Sunday, 11 February 2018 11:09

    Sunday, 11 February 2018 11:11

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    The Peel regional Police, Ontario, has arrested three women last week as part of an investigation into fraud involving persons with a migration background.

    Morassa Rizvi, 32 years old, Dunya Mojadiddi, 26 years old, and Mariam Qureshi, 36 years old, have been accused of fraud against persons wishing to make arrangements to allow members of their family living in Afghanistan coming to Canada, according to a press release issued by Peel police.

    A 61-year old woman, Sakia Mojadiddi, had already been arrested last year for the same reason. The ploy used by the alleged fraudeuse was to accept money from victims in exchange for her help in the asylum process for their loved ones, through the organization that she headed, the Afghan Refugee Relief.

    However, according to the police, the agency has kept the money, nearly 780 000 $, but has never started the immigration process. Forty people have stated to investigators from the Peel regional Police, have been victims of the body.

    Searches have also been conducted by the Peel regional Police in three residences of the region of Peel and Bradford. The four accused are to appear in court in Brampton on march 12 next.