Free Mobile: Extension of the offer to 0.99 euros per month for the all inclusive package!

Techno 3 July, 2017

Free Mobile extends its madness offer on the all-inclusive package. Until July 4, it is still available at 0.99 a month. There is not a minute left to enjoy.

During the month of June, Free Mobile folded in two to please its subscribers and convince others to commit. After increasing its data envelope to 25 GB per month usable from 35 countries, the operator decided to break the price of its all-inclusive package. Last June 22, the package in question rose to 0.99 euros per month instead of 19.99 euros per month, through an offer launched on Private Sale. This offer has been extended for the first time until June 30, and is now until July 4th … If you have not done so, you have until tomorrow 6:00 to enjoy it. It would be a shame to miss it.

Free Mobile offers unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, 100 GB of Internet 4G, and 25 GB of data from Europe, the USA and the DOM, all free of charge. Even more interesting than the offer of Bouygues which proposed its package B & You 20 GB to less than 2 euros last month. If you want to enjoy this real gift signed Free Mobile, go on Private Sale … With this package, you will kifferas even more your summer, and without ruining you. So much to keep your money for your holidays, and for your evenings with friends. At meltyStyle, we validate this offer at 100%.