From-for a snowfall more than 13 thousand tourists stuck in a Swiss airport In the World : Vladim

News 9 January, 2018

In Switzerland, near the Alpine resort of Zermatt for more than 13 thousand of tourists blocked because of the threat of an avalanche is the departure from the resort. Due to heavy snowfall, authorities suspended road and rail traffic.


Agency France-Presse reported about the impossibility of entry and exit from the Alpine resort of Zermatt, located in Switzerland. Due to the dangerous weather conditions, which began last week with the hurricane “Burgling”, in the resort area there are shortages of electricity, and with the accomplice of travel on road and rail ways is closed.

The number of tourists who are cut off from the world, is more than 13 thousand people. Specified data on the possible presence among them Russian citizens.

The Swiss authorities are advised that at the moment the level of threat of an avalanche is the fifth level of danger. During the day on the Simplon pass fell approximately two feet of snow. Heavy snowfall is not going down in the evening is projected to be 50 mm of rain.