Frost: weather in Ukraine on March 15-16 (photo)

Techno 15 March, 2018

2018-03-15 05:59

Frost: weather in Ukraine on March 15-16 (photo)
In the “minus” temperature leave overnight.

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Thursday, March 15, Ukraine will be covered by humid and warm air mass with temperatures in most areas above the climatic norm for this period, reports Rus.Media.

About it reports Reuters, noting that most of the country is expected to rain, sometimes with sleet, and just to the South of the country – no precipitation.

Night temperature from +4 to -1 degrees, in the afternoon – 3… 8 Celsius, in Transcarpathia, Crimea and most of southern regions +8… +13.

In Kiev March 15 is projected light rain in places of possible wet snow. The temperature at night 0… – 2 C, in the afternoon +3… +5.

On Friday, March 16, in Northern regions of Ukraine night without rain, day, wet snow, lowering the temperature at night up to + 3… + 9 degrees Celsius, and day -5 to +1 degree.

In the southern part of the country is expected to rain; the temperature at night 0… +5, day 5… 11градусов heat in the Crimea up to +14.

The rest of the night without rain, afternoon rain and sleet in the Carpathians and in Transcarpathia moderate rainfall; temperatures from -2 to +4, day 0… 6 degrees Celsius, in Transcarpathia and the Carpathian region +7 to +13.

In Kiev on March 16 night without rain, day, wet snow. Night temperature of 3… 5 degrees, day 0… -2.