Galaxy S8 +: Faced with demand, Samsung will increase the production of its smartphone

Techno 6 April, 2017

The Galaxy S8 + is not yet released but it is already a cardboard! According to The Investor, Samsung would have decided to increase its production.
Earlier in the week, meltyStyle wondered what the Galaxy S8 + had more than the Galaxy S8 . We came to the conclusion that the screen size and the battery were the only points on which it stood out, which seemed light for a price of 100 euros higher. But contrary to what one might think, it does not slow down at all the users concerned. According to The Investor, the Galaxy S8 + would be particularly requested. So much so that Samsung is preparing to revise its production upwards, to satisfy all the demands made. Yes, the big screens have the coastline in early 2017, especially when their borderless design makes them easy to use.
As the Phonandroid relay , the Galaxy S8 currently accounts for 60% of Samsung’s production, compared with 40% for the Galaxy S8 +. But the enthusiasm aroused by the 6.2-inch version of the flagship would push the manufacturer to rebalance it, and opt for 55-45% before it is marketed . This interest in the Galaxy S8 + shows that phablettes are very popular. The failure of the Galaxy Note 7 was therefore not enough to discourage the customers of the Asian giant. If you dream of having Samsung’s new smartphone in your hands, then we advise you to pre-order it … You will receive it before its world release, scheduled for April 28th . And you, are you rather Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 +?