Gas export: Sonatrach sets its target of 55 billion cubic meters per year

Business 29 December, 2016

Sonatrach CEO Amine Maazouzi said Wednesday in Boumerdes that the group “increased its capacity to produce natural gas” and that it planned to export 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

Sonatrach aims to meet the growing domestic domestic demand for natural gas, said the Sonatrach CEO in a statement to the press on the sidelines of the inauguration of a health center and a family center in Sonatrach. Group in the wilaya.

In this regard, the manager said that Sonatrach had resumed its commercial position in terms of export of natural gas and investment in petrochemicals and processing.

In this regard, the CEO announced that the investment projects recently launched by Sonatrach under the partnership or others to be launched in the near future with a number of foreign partners in the field of processing and petrochemicals will create a Number of direct and indirect jobs.

“It is not possible to determine the total number of jobs that will be created in this framework, but it can be said that it is very important in relation to the planned needs and the programs registered.

Sonatrach has the necessary means to implement its projects

The CEO of Sonatrach, Amine Maazouzi, said on Wednesday in Boumerdes that the group had the financial means necessary to implement its various projects.

“Sonatrach has the necessary financial resources to implement all its projects in progress or planned,” said the Sonatrach CEO in a statement to the press on the sidelines of the inauguration of a medical and social center and Of a family center of the group in the wilaya.

Mr Maazouzi said that the assumption of human resources was a “priority” for Sonatrach because, he said, it is the human resource that creates the wealth and the added value of the company.

The inauguration of this center is part of the development of the human resource Sonatrach, said the official, specifying that this facility is available to the workers of the group, retirees, rights holders and the population local.

The director of human resources in Sonatrach, Benkherif Bouzid Assia, said that an envelope of more than 23 million dinars was devoted to the realization of the medical center social inaugurated in Boumerdes.

The medical-social center, which is equipped with the most modern medical equipment, offers services in general medicine, specialized medicine and dental surgery in addition to analytical and radiographic services.

Workers in Sonatrach in the wilayas of Boumerdes, Tizi Ouzou and Bouira, pensioners, beneficiaries and the local population will be able to benefit from these services.

The family center inaugurated in Zemmouri al-Bahri covers an area of ​​20,000 m2. It includes 104 houses and leisure and service facilities. APS