Good drivers, the Canadians?

Avto 15 August, 2017
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    Frédéric Mercier

    Monday, 14 August 2017 11:37

    Monday, 14 August 2017 11:37

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    Canadian drivers are many to admit to risky behaviour on the road. And yet, they consider themselves almost all as good drivers.

    This is what reveals a study carried out by Belairdirect, which demonstrates that not less than 95% of the people surveyed claim to be good drivers. And yet, it is almost the same proportion (93%) who admits to having adopted at least a reckless behaviour at the wheel.

    Among the many violations of the Code of the road can be risky, the survey respondents identified the driving while impaired (89%), distracted driving (54%), and fatigue (42%) as being the most dangerous.


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    Nearly a third of drivers surveyed admitted to having burned a red light (31%) or do not comply with the road signs (29%). 14% of respondents even confessed to already have already begun to sexual acts while driving.

    Despite this indiscipline assumed, Canadians remain visibly motorists basically respectful. No less than 96% of respondents said they would steal ever your parking space from another driver, and 91% have assured that they would accelerate not to prevent another driver to overtake them. The study offers no comparison between the responses of Quebecers and those of residents of other provinces of the country.

    Money as an incentive?

    According to the answers obtained by Belairdirect, canadian drivers would be likely to modify their driving behaviour if offered a monetary compensation in return. 79% said that they were ready to stop some bad habits, particularly in connection with the use of their phone at the wheel.

    As what the money often is the answer to everything…