Good Plan: The Playstation 4 with 3 games and headphones currently on promotion

Techno 17 December, 2016

A Playstation 4, that tells you? Good news, the console is on sale with 3 games and headphones for Christmas!
In the next-gen consoles, two giants clash: Sony and Microsoft. So if you have not been tempted by the tip of the XBox One with 6 games for less than 250 euros , this promotion should much like you (unless you are a PC gamer). The big chain stores Micromania offers a pack to the less tantalizing to enjoy the Playstation 4 with a large storage capacity of 1 TB and three games. The icing on the cake ? Headphones are also offered in this pack. We do not say no to this nice little bonus. To purchase this beautiful pack, it will cost 319.99 euros ! A reasonable price for long, frenzied parties.

An enticing PS4 pack
With the Playstation 4, which Sony announced record sales , so you can enjoy three games. The first is Uncharted 4, allowing you to live (or relive) the adventures of the famous Nathan Drake. The second is No Man’s Sky, to traverse the universe in your spaceship in a huge sandbox. Finally, the third is Bloodborne, to fight monsters in a dark and violent universe. With its 1 TB of storage, you will also be sure to never run out of space on the hard drive. If you are tempted by buying a small price for Christmas console , nothing more simple. Simply order to this address on the website of Micromania. Ready to play hours?