Google and Netflix team up to offer virtual reality

Techno 19 December, 2016

Google and Netflix strike a blow with an exclusive partnership to offer virtual reality to the audience!
You are an aficionados of the “Netflix and chill”? Good news for you, Google and Netflix offer you one more reason to enjoy it. Giant streaming, also produces large series such as Daredevil or Stranger Things which a virtual reality teaser was proposed , plans to build further on this technology. Amid helmets like the HTC Vive or Oculus is the DayDream Google that will soon be used with the streaming service . The spectators will thus be able to benefit from a catalog of films and series exploiting to the maximum the concept of virtual reality. A new way of understanding the seventh art.

Netflix and Google will offer the RV with the DayDream
After the MK2 VR, we gave you our impressions , it seems that the border between cinema and virtual reality could ease with time. Little information has been provided on this future partnership, but there is a good chance that using this device will be very costly. For now, virtual reality headsets like the HTC Vive very expensive. But partnerships like Netflix and Google, the technology could become more and more accessible . And maybe in ten years, all the homes will have one or more headphones to enjoy movies and series! Meanwhile, viewers await the DayDream Netflix forward … What do you think?