Google Pixel 2: The smartphone confirmed via the open source project of Android

Techno 17 April, 2017

We know a lot more about the Google Pixel 2. And for good reason: smart people have searched the open source project of Android and have found its trace!
Nothing escapes the aficionados of smartphones! The website Android Police has just made an interesting discovery in connection with the Google Pixel 2 of which LG could provide flexible OLED screens . By taking a look at the open source project of Android, some have found obvious references with the next phone of the American firm. This confirms that the Google Pixel will indeed have a successor that promises to be as powerful as the latter. Android Police also indicated that the flagship code name would indeed be “Muskie” , referring to a long fish that attacks large prey. Metaphor of the ambitions of the phone against the middle giants?
What we learn first of all this code name is that the Google Pixel 2 (whose borderless design will be similar to that of the Galaxy S8) promises to be even more ambitious. Water resistance, missing from Google Pixel, should also be present. The first rumors also suggest removing the jack like the iPhone 7 Apple . A strategic choice to create a closed circuit and promote its own products. Despite its Android operating system available on many of the phones, Google had so far not offered its own smartphone designed from A to Z before the pixel. Today, the manufacturer wants to play on all terrains. What do you think ?