Google Pixel: A new release discretely

Techno 14 March, 2017

Google has launched in the biggest secret a new version of its Pixel. This one corrects the many bugs that had tainted its launch.
The Google Pixel missed its launch . Presented last October, the first smartphone of the search engine was nevertheless attractive on paper. In practice, it has faced many technical problems. His photo sensor or microphone know, for example, quite serious bugs. Google has tried to make software fixes, via Android updates, but that was not always enough. This is why the company has emerged – in total secrecy – a new version of Google Pixel . A buyer of the smartphone has noticed the words “Revision B” on the package. This suggests that the search engine has solved the hardware concerns of its phone, via changes in production.
Google has confirmed half-word information. “We have taken additional steps to [fix the problem] on the production lines since January,” thus explained the search engine on its forum . This Google Pixel 1.1 would address mainly the concern of the microphone. Its designer claims that the bug affected less than 1% of phones marketed since October. Concerned about the problem? The company offers you an exchange. The latter has recently confirmed the upcoming release of the next generation of Pixel . The presentation of this one is however not expected before the fall of 2017. An intermediate model thus appeared in the meantime. When is a French release?