Google Pixel: What if a low price version really saw the day?

Techno 6 March, 2017

After denying the rumor, and if Google really released a Pixel small price … but with another name?
Google had largely denied it lately through one of its spokespersons: there will be no small version of the Pixel smartphone . However, some rumors still evoke an entry-level phone that would abandon the termination “Pixel” for another name. Logic when we know that the firm has claimed that this range would remain premium no matter what happens: a better way to compete with the future iPhone 8, Huawei P10 or even iPhone 8, very powerful smartphones. Until now, Google has always offered phones that are both accessible and powerful with the Nexus range that was developed by the HTC manufacturer.
Rick Osterloh, one of Google ‘s spokespersons at MWC 2017, had only specified that the Pixel range would remain premium without mentioning the possibility of a more accessible variant. A new one that would make the happiness of the aficionados of new technologies but which do not necessarily the means to invest every year in a new model expensive. The firm, which formalized the commercialization of Google Pixel 2 this year , could well surprise us with a new announcement. Of course, as long as nothing is formalized , we must take these rumors with tweezers since many of them have unfortunately proved to be false with time! Would you like to see a small price range?