Grey’s Anatomy Season 14: Rumors predict the death of SPOILER

Cinema 7 July, 2017

Months before the broadcast of season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy, surprising rumors speak about the death of SPOILER.

Shonda Rimes and his screenwriters will they do us the blow again? While Gray’s Anatomy is engaged in a tight battle with Teen Wolf in the 2017 World Cup, they are offering a return on the end of season 13 and its consequences. Indeed a few rumors have emerged on the web about the future of Stephanie Edwards, and like all rumors, they are to be taken with tweezers, recoil … in short, cautiously. Everyone remembers the shocking death of Mark Sloan who, after the plane crash, seemed to recover and eventually die – and break our hearts. Well some fans are worried that Stephanie Edwards will have the same fate after the fire and the serious burns she has suffered.

Could it be that the screenwriters spoil Jerrika Hinton’s heroic release to make her come back to die in season 14? You have to admit that it is hard to believe it and that it would be as cruel as it is useless. To kill a character simply to shock is a process often used in series, but doing so with Stephanie would still be exaggerated. It is therefore very likely that this rumor circulating is not based and come more from the concerns of fans – who have enough to be paranoid after 13 seasons – than a verified info. While waiting to know the next wacky rumors of summer, we wondered if Eliza Minnick was going to have the same plot as Penny Blake in season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy.