He died after that its Tesla Model X will have taken fire

Avto 29 March, 2018
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    Germain Goyer

    Thursday, 29 march 2018 11:51

    Thursday, 29 march 2018 11:51

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    The driver of a Tesla Model X died on 23 march, after his vehicle had caught on fire.

    While traveling on highway 101 in California, this électromobiliste was hit head-on a wall of security. Following the impact, the Tesla Model X has rapidly become the prey of the flames.

    A team of engineers from Tesla visited the site to give a blow to the firefighters as they worked to manipulate the batteries.

    As you can see by looking at the photos, the front part of the Tesla Model X has been completely destroyed. It is not known if this was caused by the force of the impact, the flames, or by the work of the fire department.

    Of course, due to the presence of batteries, an electric vehicle does not react in the same way that a petrol vehicle in the event of impact. As in other similar incidents have occurred in the past, the safety of this type of vehicle is in question.

    The driver was transported by ambulance to the hospital before succumbing to his injuries.

    Although the findings of the investigation have not been disclosed, suggests that it would be a failure of the driving system autonomous Autopilot. The National Transportation Safety Board has dispatched a team of experts to investigate this fatal accident.

    Here is the scene on Highway 101S in #MountainView where a #Tesla caught on fire pic.twitter.com/ksnidlFgsw

    — Dean C. Smith (@DeanCSmith)
    March 23, 2018

    Tesla is also losing

    Because of a multitude of factors, including the fatal accident in which is involved a Model X, you can read on Bloomberg that the action of Tesla fell by 8%. The 278$ that was worth the action on march 27, represented the trough of the deepest known by the manufacturer of electric vehicles over the last year.