He has spoken out on social networks against a contravention of absurd

Avto 2 March, 2018
  • Facebook – Nicolas Bertrand

    Germain Goyer

    Friday, 2 march 2018, 12:39

    Friday, 2 march 2018, 12:39

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    While he was at his place of work at the wheel of his Toyota Corolla, Nicolas Bertrand received a statement of offence for a reason which seemed to him absurd.

    In fact, two police officers of the City of Terrebonne have intercepted it because its license plate was too dirty.

    They gave him a ticket of $ 63 and have asked him to clean his plate with the snow before leaving.

    Outraged by this situation and felt that it was a clear case of profiling, Mr. Bertrand has filmed the scene from the beginning to the end. Twenty-four hours after he had posted the video on his profile Facebook, there were already 300 000 views.

    Remember that article 33 of the highway safety Code stipulates that “a peace officer may require the driver of a road vehicle the cleaning of the license plate of the vehicle, when the state of dirt of this plate makes it difficult to read. The driver must comply with this requirement.”