He is intercepted with the driving licence of Homer Simpson

Avto 20 March, 2018
  • Twitter – Thames Valley Police

    Germain Goyer

    Tuesday, 20 march 2018, 10:38

    Tuesday, 20 march 2018, 10:38

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    A police of Great Britain has had the surprise of her life when she intercepted a motorist.

    When he has stretched his / her licence, she couldn’t believe her eyes. The name inscribed was that of Homer Simpson and the photo. At least, the photo matched the name and the first name, since we can see the main character of the comedy series expressing his legendary “OH!”.

    Earlier this week, @tvprp’s PC Phillips stopped a car in Milton Keynes.

    When she tried to identify the driver’s ID, she found the below…

    The driver’s car was seized and he was reported for driving with no insurance and driving without a proper license.

    Oh! ��♀️ pic.twitter.com/1IFWvJzyvH

    — Thames Valley Police (@ThamesVP)
    March 15, 2018

    On the Twitter account of the police of the Thames Valley, we can read that ” the car was seized and the man was arrested for driving insurance and without a valid driver’s license. “

    Obviously, the man who tried to usurp the identity of a fictional character is not a true connoisseur of this television series. In fact, the fake driving licence, the address is 28, Springfield Way, USA as Homer Simpson rather lies at 742 Evergreen Terrace.

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