Hidden Beauty: Naomi Harris “Will Smith is a true inspiration” our interview (EXCLUDED)

Cinema 24 December, 2016

Naomi Harris is since Wednesday on the poster of Hidden Beauty and we met her for an exclusive interview.
You may have seen in Spectrum , La Rage au Ventre or in a favorite film at the Oscars 2017, Moonlight. Naomi Harris is currently showing of Beauty Hidden alongside Will Smith and Helen Mirren, whose interview is on melty . It lends it its traits to a young woman saddened by the loss of her daughter, a role that has not been easy for the actress who tells us: “I have to admit I had trouble recognizing me in This character because unlike her, I have not experienced any real dramas in my life and I have no children.I had to do a lot of research, I went to a support group where I ‘ I worked with an adorable woman who agreed to share with me her story, what she experienced when she lost her 2-year-old daughter. She gave me advice, poems and especially she spoke to me a lot before each scene to guide me ” . A shoot with a lot of emotions!
Fortunately, Naomi Harris seems to have a very good memory of her work on the film, especially thanks to Will Smith. She tells us . “I have many good memories of filming and I think that working daily with Will is one of them It’s an incredible person, he is invested, passionate and a lot of energy … It’s really an inspiration for me ” . Finally, the actress also has a message to convey to you: “I want, especially because it’s Christmas, people think to take advantage of their relatives because we do not know how long they will be our sides. We should enjoy every moment with our families ” . A beautiful message! While waiting to see the film, you can already find our exclusive interview with Edward Norton and Jacob Latimore also showing Hidden Beauty.