Horizon: Zero Dawn, How to recover the ultimate armor?

Techno 4 March, 2017

Aloy’s ultimate armor in Horizon: Zero Dawn is called the Ancient Armor. How to get it and protect yourself from almost all the damage? The Gaming Stories Redaction to the solution!
Horizon: Zero Dawn is a long and immense game, as explained in our Test . However, if you are a little curious, you should have discovered a mysterious bunker quite quickly in which throne a magnificent Antique Armor … Who for us to rather a futuristic look in fact … This armor is the ultimate outfit that Aloy can get, and Will transform your dear archer into a true destroyer, thanks to its ability to absorb damage. Just think of fleeing a moment when the gauges of the outfit will be in the red! To recover your outfit, the technique is not very hard, but extremely tedious. You will have to recover a total of five batteries disseminated in the game, and solve two puzzles to unlock the airlock that holds it.

Trigger the Quest

The first step: trigger the Quest . To do this, do not go far from the first hunting area, leaving the sacred lands of the Nora Clan. Not far from the area called the Demon’s Thirst , you should find a steep cavern with a small underground lake. Swim a moment (you will find in this cave a metal flower), then enter the bunker. You come in front of the armor, but it is in a locked room. To the right, a first door will require two batteries, then you will have to unlock the armor by itself, thanks to three additional batteries. Of course, for this quest, the game will not give you any information on the direction to follow, and you will have to manage to recover the five batteries.
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The Graal ! Become almost invincible!

The first two batteries
To recover the first battery, you will have to return to the ruins already traveled as a child . Indeed, during the tutorial, you were not armed. Now yes. Take advantage of your power and spear to explode the stalactites and stalagmites that clog the passages and recover in passing some resources, and messages and recordings to deepen the scenario. The first battery, a small green cylinder awaits you in one of the new rooms.

Fill me with those ugly stalactites!

The second one is only accessible from the moment you pass your rite of passage in the first hours of play. You will have to go back to the heart of the mountain where you were collected, the second battery is there, in The capital of the Nora Clan, in a small concealed corridor. But there is a small catch, which will surely be updated … But the door may be closed. To remedy this, do not teleport to the nearest campfire, but to a farther away, out of the village . Go to the door with a red cross drawn. The narrow tunnel you are looking for will be on your left.

From a distance, look for a green resource
The last three batteries
Potentially, you are now able to open the room of the Antique Armor … But the dress would still be blocked … To avoid free comings and goings, go to the Tower of Pr Faro , in the extreme Northwest Of the map. The building has not yet revealed all its secrets, and you will once again hit you up. Unless you discover these lines before doing the Main Quest! Anyway, go to the top of the tower . When you reach the top, in the conference room where you will be revealed the first keys to the puzzle of the game, take the time to thoroughly search. You have the possibility to climb even higher, climbing the remains of the tower. Look for fluorescent yellow plugs to climb.

It’s beautiful, but it’s high
The fourth, on its side, is situated in the Necropolis . Teleport this time to the extreme northeast. In the Necropolis, which is only accessible to a certain level of progress of the Main Quest, you will have to search in detail the area where you cross a Corruptor out of service . To locate you, know that it is right after opening the three locking systems, after opening the armored door.
Horizon, Antique Armor, Ultimate Outfit, Armor of the Future, Sony, PS4, Guerrila Games
Search every corner of the corridors
Finally, the fifth and last battery holds out your arms. Again, you will only be able to visit the Gaia ruins from a certain point in time, precisely at the time of the Fallen Mountain quest , all the way to the North. When you leave the hiding place of Sylens , you will have to go down into the elevator shaft and take a branch that leads to two-three cul-de-sac rooms. Retrieve there the last battery, nonchalantly placed on a bearing.

Each battery is in a key area of ​​the game
Unlock codes
Now that you own the five batteries, teleport to the bunker that houses the armor. Place two on the door. The proposed riddle is not very difficult, you just have to translate the numbers to the right in direction. Each number corresponds to one hour of the dial of a clock. To enter, you will need to set the switches to Up, Right, Down, Left and Up . Now cross the room, make a passage full of resources in the coffers, and go to the second panel. Place them three missing batteries to activate the switches, and solve the second puzzle. This time it is a transposition of degrees of a circle. To unlock the armor, enter the sequence Right, Left, Up, Right, Left . You can now pick up your well-deserved Antique Armor and go and charge the end boss of Horizon: Zero Dawn for all of his work! Have you managed to recover the armor?