How to Automate Workflow with SignNow’s Digitized Solutions

Business 3 November, 2020

The paramount requirements for a successful business running nowadays are flexibility, speed, and full control of all processes. Regardless of a business area, it is essential for companies to move with the times. The owners of large-scale enterprises and small businesses realize that the only way to stay ahead of the competitors is to be better and faster. At the same time, it is crucial to set up clear interaction between colleagues. But how to translate these concepts into reality?! The e-signature integration by SignNow can be a solution. It makes it possible to sign PDF online within seconds, and it is only one of the benefits of straightforward workflow.

Why Companies Need Automating Workflow

The common problem of most business owners is the lack of knowledge and skills to transfer their middle-rank companies into renowned industry giants. They mistakenly think that guiding a group of people is easy if they apply the ‘good old’ practices. But in the modern world, it is impossible to stay on top if you don’t stand out of the crowd. Technologies have deeply integrated into all global industries. Thus, it will be a crime for entrepreneurs to neglect tech progress.  Automation of workflow is the first hallmark that distinguishes profitable and prosperous companies from poor alternatives.

SignNow has a ten-year experience in helping large and small companies with automating their business processes. The SignNow experts developed unique software that allows companies to maximize their productivity by implementing top-notch digital solutions. The well-designed software makes it possible for teammates to cooperate on the so-called virtual cloud platform. In such a way, executives can enhance all behind-the-scenes business spheres, including logistics, management, human resources, and customer relationships.  


Automation of the business processes with SignNow’s digitized solutions includes:

  • E-signature

  • Workflow computerization

  • Contract management and negotiation

  • Document generation

  • Robotic process automation

How to Automate Business Processes with Digitized Solutions

Now, let’s see how exactly SignNow’s digitized technologies can boost business productivity and cost-effectiveness. These are the most popular methods to automate your workflow with e-solutions: 

Smart contracts with e-signature

E-signature is a brilliant creation that allows companies to enhance the paperwork flow and upgrade document processing. The e-signature makes it easy to sign PDF online within a minute. Instead of waiting for hours, days, or even weeks for one document to get printed, signed, scanned, and sent back to a sender, people can make all these steps in a couple of clicks with e-signature. They don’t even need to leave the desk to do this job! 

Screenshot_4 2.jpg

The best part is that workflow automation with SignNow’s e-signature solutions is entirely hassle-free. It doesn’t require special skills as everything can be done handily and straightforwardly. The clients only need to create a template, set up the necessary criteria, establish a signing order, and send the doc to one or several recipients. Besides, users can turn on notifications to see when the document is signed. The recipients are also notified that colleagues wait for their signature.

Top-notch document generation

SignNow’s digitized business platform operates by the principle of flexibility and time-saving. Due to the smart data processing and storing algorithm, teammates can share electronic documents on the virtual cloud and submit handy transactions as easy as never before. They can comment, redline the crucial points, and track all changes before sending the doc for e-signing.


It helps reduce unnecessary workflow cycles as all parties involved can work on the document together without re-sending it to each other dozens of times in a row.  Moreover, they can sign invoices and process financial transactions in a 100% safe and fast manner via the digitized cloud. As a result, people get a better end product with fewer efforts, money expenses, human errors, and precious time spent. 

Convenient web forms

With SignNow’s solutions, clients can create web forms that correspond to their particular needs and preferences. They can design the web forms just like they wish for better internal communication. The unbeaten advantage is that the forms can be integrated into other systems, like G Suite and Microsoft Office, for the entire team’s smoother and faster work. 


 The paperwork’s cloud computerization is vital when you need to manage, process, and store tons of information. People can proceed with real-time reports using the electronic forms that guarantee the highest accuracy and efficiency. While the manual handling of papers can be rather tiresome and labor-intensive, automated processes are more efficient in managing tasks. Convenient web forms reduce the risk of human error. Automation makes the role of each teammate perfectly visible and clear because each step in the virtual program can be tracked at any moment.

Benefits of the SignNow’s Products Integration

  • Minimizing workflow cycles: Handling the paper flow in the handy electronic format reduces unnecessary workflow cycles. Moreover, it lowers the time spent on managing numerous tasks during manual labor.

  • Unique customer experience: SignNow’s unique software allows the clients to create original doc templates and web forms that meet their peculiar requirements and make them deviate from market competitors.

  • Free trial period:  If clients hesitate about what services package to choose, they can test SignNow’s products within a free trial period.

  • Security: Transforming the old-schooled paper flow to the digitized cloud improves the security measures and reduces the risk of confidential data stealing. Unlike traditional document flow, the digital format has a top-tier tracking algorithm.

  • Better communication: Convenience and flexibility of workflow computerization lead to the improvement of internal communication between colleagues. In their turn, employees can build better external relationships with customers. Thus, all parties are satisfied, and the business keeps flourishing. 


Summing up, we can suggest that the integration of SignNow’s digitized solutions can be a trouble-solver for business running. Due to the independent decentralized software for document generation and contract management, companies can quickly boost their productivity and improve internal communication. SignNow’s e-signature solutions put the smart contracts to a new level. E-signing integration allows business owners to focus on more important tasks instead of wasting precious time on monotonous paper flow.