How to Find the Best Restaurant Point of Sale System Features

Business 25 June, 2019

With technology today, it’s impossible to get along without a quality POS system for your restaurant. Whether you want to upgrade a current set up or purchase new equipment to update your business, there are a lot of options out there to pick from.

Choosing the best devices with features that compliment your business can be a daunting task. By picking the right partner like Merchant Account Solutions and reviewing what kinds of services you need, it’s easy to find the best POS device for you.


As a business owner, the bottom line is always first and foremost on your mind. As such, choosing a POS system should involve looking at monthly costs in relation to what you get. Some pricing structures for major brands include:

  • Clover Hardware – $29 (and up)
  • Square – $60
  • Lightspeed Restaurant – $69
  • Toast – $79
  • Shopkeep – Request Pricing

Compare your options, especially when considering how more expensive equipment and services might affect how your restaurant is run.

Business Size

Getting the biggest and most expensive equipment isn’t always the best idea. Taxi drivers don’t rush around New York City in sports cars, and your POS systems should reflect the kind of business you do as well.

Make sure the company you choose works with the size of your business. Some POS partners provide minimal help assuming your company is large enough to handle minor issues. However, if you’re a small restaurant, choosing a more user-friendly option is always a better decision.


Many services offer a plethora of options like online ordering and portable devices. Booker POS units, for example, feature handheld equipment for table-side checkout and phone-based payments. Look for features that work well for your business so you won’t be left wanting later on.

Updating your POS service will make a big difference in how your restaurant runs. Shop online to find the best reviewed and cost-effective services and you won’t be disappointed with your pricing, equipment and features as your restaurant grows!