How to Impress a VIP Business Client as a Host

Business 11 April, 2022

It is generally accepted that first impressions count in the business world and if you are preparing to meet with someone who could turn out to a valued customer, it is important to put your best foot forward. Smart casual dress is fine unless you’re meeting in the office, when you are advised to wear formal business attire.

VIP Transport

If the VIP is flying in, of course, you should send a car to meet them; there are affordable sports cars for rent with Rich Cars, Bangkok’s leading supercar rental company. Arriving at the airport driving a Porsche 911 Turbo would certainly raise an eyebrow, or you could opt for a BMW 5 Series and plan a sightseeing tour that takes in all the sights in this amazing city. Playing host gives you many opportunities to impress and if your guest is staying a few days, make sure you take care of everything and do allow your guest some time to get over the long haul flight.

Do Some Research on your Guest

It is important to find out what you can about your guest; sign in to Linked-In and take a look at their profile, which should give you information about their professional life. They might have a Facebook page which you should check out and maybe a colleague knows the person and can add a few details to help you make conversation. It is always best to start with family when making a first-time connection and avoid politics and religion for obvious reasons. If your guest has never been to Thailand before, this is the perfect time to be the perfect host. If he or she plays golf, you can arrange a day at one of the top courses, while dining on the Chao Phraya River is a great way to see the night sights.

Pay Attention to the Small Stuff

Make sure you are wearing a new pair of socks and your shoes have been shined and trimming your beard or hair the day before is a good idea. Wear expensive cologne and don’t overdo things, while making sure that your accessories are suitable for your attire. Have your card ready for the initial exchange and always make a point of looking at their business card before you slot it away in a pocket. Click here for tips to ensure business success.

Don’t Bring Up Business Too Early

If your VOIP guest has flown in from the US or Europe, they will need some time to recover from the long flight; you should use your judgment regarding when the right time is to talk about business. Perhaps on the first morning, after breakfast, as this gives your guest time to acclimatize. Of course, if your guest introduces business, then you should take that as a sign to get down to business.

Choose a Top Restaurant

As the host, it is your call regarding the meeting venue and we recommend you choose a top dining establishment, where you are sure to get the best service. You might want to line up some nightlife after the meal, although your guest might be tired after traveling, in which case you can plan that for the following evening. If you are sending a car to collect your guest from their hotel the next morning, rent a prestige car for the day and take your guest around Bangkok, stopping somewhere nice for lunch. Ask about their favorite food and this can help you to choose a menu that your guest will love.

Plan a Tour of your Business Facility

If your VIP guest is a potential client, you should plan a tour of your commercial facility to give them a chance to see your operation first hand. Take a break halfway through and take your guest to a nearby restaurant for lunch. If you would like some inspiration for sights to show your VIP guest, click here.

Making the right first impression will help you to negotiate your business into a deal and when you pay your guest a visit in the future, you can look forward to the best hospitality.