How to prepare for the shift to adult life

Business 23 February, 2022

Becoming an adult can be a difficult to transition. Regardless of whether you go to university or look for a job after leaving school, there are plenty of changes you’ll have to make over time. Below, we explore how you can prepare for the shift to adult life.


Saving is crucial in the long-term as soon as you become an adult. When you’re younger you might not have many responsibilities. But as you get older, you’ll want to start to consider buying a house or looking after children. To manage this, savings will be hugely important.


To make your money go further, you should start to budget. Begin by calculating the money you’ll make each month. From there you should deduct the essentials such as rent, food and bills. With the remaining money you should set aside a portion for savings, before giving yourself a much-deserved boost with the rest.


Picking career is an important step in your life. However, it doesn’t have to be as rigid as picking an industry and sticking with it forever. Try and go for something that will leave you feeling fulfilled and if it doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to switch to another industry. Naturally, many careers require qualifications and skills that you can’t pick up at school. In this situation, it’s useful to plan ahead and apply for university or apprenticeships that can give you the skills to begin your career.

Homes and real estate

Getting onto the property ladder is an important financial moment in your life. This can give you a large asset that will secure your future, plus you can avoid losing money each month to rent. With a help to buy ISA you should be able to stretch your savings further to reach this moment in life quicker. Once you have your house there are other switches to adulthood you’ll have to make. You might have to paint your first wall or perhaps make some repairs with one of your first tool boxes.

Staying up to date

When you become an adult, you’ll also need to keep a keen eye on news concerning your money too. For instance, you’ll now need to be aware of gas and electricity prices and tailor your usage from there. Equally, it could be worth developing an interest in the market and stocks as you look to grow your savings further.

The shift towards adulthood can be difficult and often takes years rather than months. But by steadily moving into a career and by beginning to budget you should begin to make excellent progress as you become an adult.