How to Use Stansberry Research to be a Successful Investor

Business 6 May, 2019

We often get questions from readers requesting actionable ways that people can manage their finances in a smart fashion. Since this isn’t necessarily our area of expertise, we reached out to a financial professional for whom these questions are solidly in their wheelhouse. They recommended readers check out Stansberry Research, a subscription-based publisher of financial information and software (Crunchbase). With the company’s reputation for prescience in the financial industry, they’ve become a top choice for people looking for a leg up in this area. Read tips below on how to use the service to invest successfully.

Target relevant newsletters

The world of finance is a big place and trying to bite off more than you can chew is a recipe for disaster. Rather than try to learn everything at once, it makes sense to focus on specific areas that you can learn about more in-depth. This helps to circumvent the phenomenon of being a “Jack of all trades but a master of none.” The publisher puts out over 25 different publications, services, and e-letters that all have different focuses. By subscribing to the ones in your field of interest, you can benefit from the wealth of information they contain.

Find editors that fit your investment style

In the same way that Stansberry Research puts out a range of publications, it also maintains a large number of editors and contributors with different schools of thought. In fact, the publisher prides itself on providing a diverse “mosaic of opinions” on financial topics. That means that, rather than settle on an editor that’s not aligned with your personal mindset, you can pick and choose the professional that fits your thinking. A good way to make this choice is to read one or two releases by a number of different editors on staff. From there you’ll be able to decide which ones work best for you.

Refer to books

While newsletters and other periodic publications are great for receiving ongoing news on a topic, a book can often provide a deeper dive into a specific area of interest. The company’s large library of books on a broad range of subjects can be a useful addition to any investor’s repertoire. The large number of books put out by the publisher allows for a similar level of specialization as the range of other publications. Topics include emerging markets, issues of governance, saving for retirement, innovations in technology, and more. Again, this is an opportunity to play to your strengths and deepen your existing understanding of a subset of the financial industry.

At the end of the day, Stansberry Research and its wealth of publications work as a supplementary resource. The ideas and information contained in the literature released by the company function well as a way to stay informed and make intelligent decisions about your own investment strategy. Whether you’re a beginning investor or a veteran in the field, there should be a resource that you’ll find of benefit. Give their catalog a look and see which of their offerings are right for you.