How working from home can help you save

Business 15 June, 2021

As the world starts to return to a more normal way of life, one thing that has changed is the way we work. More companies than ever have embraced a mix of home and office working.

If you’re one of the millions now working from home on a more permanent basis, you may have noticed there are some benefits. We already know home working helps reduce stress and increase productivity, but some financial benefits shouldn’t be overlooked.

Here are just some of the ways working from home can help you save in both the long and short term.


Pre-pandemic, the average UK worker was spending anywhere from just under £1,800 to £23,000 a year on commuting. Whether you drive to work or take public transport, you’ll not only see immediate savings but long-term savings too.

If you used to drive to work, you’ll be saving on more than just fuel. Because your car won’t be used as much, the cost of annual repairs should decrease and the lifespan of the car should increase.


For the fashion-conscious, working in an office was a time to showcase our style, with many people wearing a different outfit every day. Working from home has not only allowed for a more relaxed style, but it has helped people cut down on the amount of money they were spending on clothes.

The pandemic put a spotlight on the fast-fashion industry and the role we all play in it, making many take a more responsible approach to buying clothes.

Food and drink

When working in an office, it’s really easy to grab a coffee on the way in or enjoy lunch with colleagues and maybe a drink or two after work.

All these ad hoc purchases soon add up. While working from home might not have the same social aspects as working in an office, it has meant we can make some serious savings.

If you are craving t companionship from colleagues, why not arrange to go for a lunchtime walk instead?


While working from home has undoubtedly made us consider our finances and help us understand what we should and should not spend our money on, ultimately the biggest saving is our time.

Perhaps the most precious commodity, working from home allows us to spend more time with the ones we love. We can be there for school pick-ups, lunchtime dog walks, household meals and even bath times.