Huawei reclaims leadership in Chinese market

Techno 26 April, 2017

Huawei has reclaimed its number one position in the Chinese market. It is followed by Oppo and by Vivo, the three manufacturers forming a trio of shock.
The vice president of Xiaomi said recently , China is a “mass market with a massive impact” . No wonder manufacturers are redoubling their inventiveness to make their way. And Huawei can boast of being effective, as it is the new leader of this beginning of the year according to the report established by the firm Canalys. The manufacturer, whose ambassador was Antoine Griezmann, was backed by Oppo in the last quarter of 2016, and has returned to the top of the podium with 21 million smartphones sold, an 18% market share . It is followed by Oppo and Vivo, with respectively 20 and 17 million units. This is the shock trio of the Chinese market!
The firm Canalys did not just disclose the figures … It also proposed to analyze them. “The Chinese market is still growing (…) But it is clear that it is consolidating. Top 3 sellers are leading the way and have more than 50% of deliveries for the first time this quarter,” he said. Expressed Lucio Chen as relay Frandroid . You understand, Huawei, Oppo and Vivo are distancing their main rivals … Starting with Xiaomi, which only points to the 5th place ranking just behind Apple. But as far as the world market is concerned, Samsung is number one . Huawei’s fan?