I almost buy two of the same Plymouth Reliant K

Avto 21 February, 2018
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    Germain Goyer

    Wednesday, February 21, 2018 11:00

    Wednesday, February 21, 2018 11:00

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    I’ve always had a soft spot for family cars in general. My parents and grandparents have had a few, and I dare to believe that this type of car has influenced me to the point of wanting one now that I have my license well in the pocket.

    This is not all. Owning a car of a brand that no longer exists, it still has a certain cachet. It is one of the things that I appreciate my Mercury Grand Marquis 1983.

    In the summer of 2015, I saw a Plymouth Reliant K 1985 for sale on a classifieds website. But it was much too expensive. A few weeks later, the price was much more interesting. It was not necessary any more for my father and me were going to see. In addition, she was a few miles from the house.

    In the ad, the pictures were not very attractive. The car was dirty, deflated tires, etc

    Once on site, this was hardly glorious. The “owner self” (you will understand later the use of quotation marks) may not start, explaining a problem with the transmission. When asked about the history of the car, he tells us that it belonged to an old lady and she has very low mileage.

    Good, it goes well.

    Not at all, in fact.

    Plymouth Reliant K

    Germain Goyer

    One proceed when even a visual inspection of the car. It had no rust. The inside was very clean. She was only 33 000 miles. It, it made me really freak out. In thirty years of existence, it is very little. The K of the “Reliant K” was off on the suitcase, the vault was pending, and other details cosmetics required a little attention, but overall, the base was very healthy. In short, it is not worth lost.

    We leave a little empty-handed at home.

    Because I was a little (too much?) motivated to acquire this car that has participated in the survival of the Chrysler group in the course of the years 80, of note, I have convinced my trusty mechanic back to see it a few days later.

    Because it is a lot more handy with a ratchet than I am, he has raised all the small defects. In addition to the brakes, tires and suspension components needed to be changed on-the-field, it was necessary to replace the seals that were now dry and ensure you drain fluids. Not to mention the transmission which may have needed a little care…

    In short, the estimate of work to be done has quickly mounted.

    In spite of everything, I had not lost hope. I recontacted the seller, the history of a little trade. I reminds me very much of the moment. Not having a cell phone at that time, I had borrowed one from my father to give a call during my lunch hour at college. He accepted my offer. I was also happy that when Patrick Roy raised the Cup in 1993.

    Plymouth Reliant K

    Germain Goyer

    The next Saturday morning, the seller and me, we meet at the office of the SAAQ of ville St-Laurent. After having waited what seemed to be a thousand years, we find ourselves in front of the clerk and it is at this point that I learn that the car is not in his name. The identification of the vehicle were rather in the name of the former owner, who was then deceased for a few years.

    You should have seen the disappointment in my face. Just like that, it must be worth more than the char itself.

    All that to say that I looked at the guy in the eyes. I showed him my wad of tickets in order to prove to him that I was serious in my approach and I asked him to contact me.

    A week.
    Two weeks.
    A month.
    Not new.

    I am rather persevering and quitting is not in my nature, but he never returned my calls. There, I made it obvious that this jewel of the car – ok, this may be a bit strong – was not going to end up in front of me.

    The months have passed. Even a whole year, in fact.

    I was no longer in college, but the university. I was at my first session. On the same classifieds website, I saw a Dodge Aries K for sale. The photos are not those of the auto itself, instead, they have been stung on the internet. The description is, as such, could not be more succinct.

    After you have sent an email requesting more information, the owner gives me a call that I catch on the fly during the pause of a course of economy. We’re talking a little bit. He tells me that he bought the car as minoune winter for his son, but this last one was too clean for the roll in the salt and slush. Oh I like it hear it.

    Plymouth Reliant K

    Germain Goyer

    In short, we meet you a few days later.

    A friend treading water with me because a second pair of eyes, it is always convenient. Turning the corner, I notice the car parked. And then I like a sense of déjà-vu.

    It was the same car that I had failed to buy a year ago! I bet the dinner to my friend that there were two stickers of the CAA on the tailgate.

    I was right. It was indeed the same car.

    Before I treat of the innocent, I would remind you that in the announcement, we could read “Dodges Aries K”. Not “Plymouth Reliant K”. When I questioned the owner about this, he told me, with relief, it was all the same anyway. It is also the same as a Chevrolet Cavalier and a Pontiac Sunfire.

    Yeah. Put.

    As the car was anything but to the point, it was able to do a lap of the block and that was all. There was still a lot of work (read time and money) to invest.

    Before leaving, I made an offer difficult to refuse. However, it has been.

    A week later, the ad is renewed and the displayed price is less than my offer. Three letters come to mind and it begins with ” WT… “

    It was to understand nothing.

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    Plymouth Reliant K

    Germain Goyer